Hello Summer 2016: Mt. Ulap 👫 Eco-Trail Day Hike

Summer is here! Let’s officially welcome this season with a day hike! 👷 Beat the heat ^_^ Launched in October 2015, Mt. Ulap is one of the newest hiking destination for beginners and professional mountaineers who want to go on a side trip from the Summer Capital of the Philippines–Baguio City. It can serve as an alternative to Mt. Pulag in Benguet (since it is already jam packed nowadays). The mountain’s peak rises approximately 1846 meters above sea level which features pine trees and grassland ridges with stunning views of nearby mountains.When you get to the jump off point on time, the scenic view is perfect and absolutely nerve-wracking. The cool breeze from the open field is breathtaking. With all that’s in there– One can say, “I have been to the ‘Little Mt. Pulag‘.”

You can watch our Mt. Ulap | Summer Perfect Day Hike here.

  • Sunrise Viewing
    Best Time: 5:00-6:20 AM
  • Trekking Uphill and Downhill (Ridge/Grasslands)
    Best Time: 7AM-5:30 PM
  • Camping
    Best Time: 5:00 PM to 5AM
  • Burial Cave Viewing
    Anytime on your way to Sta. Fe Ridge
  • Cycling
  • Snap Photo Memories (Pre-nuptial photos too haha 😀 )
    Best Time: All the time! (as long as the weather is favorable)

  • Have fun (solo, with family or friends)



Step 1. Commute from Baguio City
The cheapest way to get there is to travel by jeepney. Go to Ampucao Jeepney terminal located on Lakandula St. (near Jollibee Magsaysay; near the Shopper’s Lane). It takes about 45 minutes to reach the jump off point (Ampucao Elementary/High School junction).

Step 2. Register and Pay 
​Go to the barangay hall for registration and for a tour guide (if you opt for one). With a guide, you are in good hands. They also issue certificate of completion once you accomplish your hike. Let your tour guide know if you are interested on this service (free). *Restroom is found at the second floor if you need to gear up for the trek.

Step 3. Follow Your Guide/Follow the Trail
Orientation is given by your tour guide. Listen and take note of the DO’s and DON’ts. The trail starts from the highway and you will walk on a cemented path for about 15 minutes so while on your way, ask your tour guide some interesting facts and stories about Mt. Ulap. The hike is estimated to be 5-6 hours.
(Our actual travel time from junction: 5:30-3:10 PM; Philex Ridge/Sta. Fe Exit. Why? We took time to FEEL the moment. Not just merely trekking) 😀


✔ Registration Fee: P 100.00/pax
✔ Tour Guide (Backtrail or Traverse): P400.00/guide (1 Tour Guide = 5-10 persons)
✔ Jeepney Fare P31.00 (from City proper to Ampucao junction)
✔ Jeepney Fare : P50.00 (from Sta. Fe Ridge to the City proper)
Our case: (about $5/pax)

Quick Tip:

  1. The more the merrier.
    It is cheaper to go with group  Aside from this, you also need someone in the group to cheer you up when your knees almost break down 🙂
  2. Wear the appropriate footwear.
    The trail is combination of concrete and rough roads. There are numerous uphill assaults and a lot of steep trails which will measure your endurance!!! 🙂
  3. Bring FOOOOD and WATERRRRR.
    Carry at least 2 liters of water with you. Water resources are limited. You also need energy-giving food to boost your stamina as you go along.  We ate breakfast and lunch while walking.
  4. Carry an umbrella and skin protection.
    The weather can be too hot or foggy.
  5. Be extra careful.
    Cramps and other accidents can happen anytime. Stay alert (especially when posing for photos at Gungal Rock).
  6. Picture perfect spots.
    Interesting spots to take photos include Ambunao Paoay, Gungal Rock and highest point of Mt. Ulap, and at the camp site.


✔ Be friendly to stranger-hikers
✔ Carry your litters as you go down the mountain.
✔ Do not vandalize (the rocks).
✔ Respect the nature.

Normally, I travel solo or with friends but this time is extra special. I smartly spent this adventure to bond with my Dad (while he has the energy to walk and run!!) I’ve always wanted to create wonderful memories with my parents because time is gold (cliche) and we are all aging however I would always find it hard to fit our schedules. Fortunately, this UNPLANNED day had its own way. Thank God, my 2016 Family Goal #3 ..is achieved!

Let’s create memories with our parents while they are alive or create beautiful stories to tell our children and grandchildren when we get older. Let’s not ignore our dear ones. Travel with our family (and friends) while we can. ^_^

Happy Trails,
👣 The Official Traveler

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