Dear Workaholic! ღ

via Daily Prompt: Foggy

Dear Workaholic,

It’s one foggy afternoon when I began to notice you. I have been observing you every single working day just like today. Hey, time check! It’s more than a couple of hours past the hour of 5pm. Why are you still inside your cubicle? Ooopps, don’t tell me you’re going to take that work at home again. You’ve already missed your dinner with your family. Your “I’ll-just-finish-this-in-few-minutes” have flown fast and you even forgot your date with Mr./Ms. Right. It’s Friday night and your co-workers have already gone out for Friday blues. How about you? You are still busy working. Work. work. work. I guess you need to be reminded of this:

To a company, you are just an employee. The day you resign, your work cubicle will be replaced. Your absence will only be missed for a day then the company forgets you. Do you think you are that special for jobs well done in the past? Don’t flatter yourself too much.  Before you know it, the management have already moved on. They went on to make their money or go on with their usual operation for they need to. Hence, they don’t have time to grieve because of the expectations they have to fulfil.

I wonder why do you have to be selfless, heroic and workaholic. What made you stay that long? How come you love your work so much that you are willing to sacrifice that much? Undoubtedly, I must admire you for your passion for work and your loyalty to your superior but I also notice that at times the executives make mistakes and it come with a price,  you are the one who would mostly pay for the consequences.

My friend, before you take that OT– ‘Oh, Thank-you’ duty, may I remind you not to mix work with family. Do not take your work home, cast your family aside and forget about giving time to your loved ones–you children, your husband, your wife, and dear friends–because in their hearts you are never replaced.  When you’re gone, every day you’ll be missed. If anything happen to you, it would be your family and friends are crying like crazy for you. To them, even though you are just one person, you mean the world to them.

Your job is just a job but family is forever. So reset your priorities. Be a good worker but be a better father/mother/friend/daughter/son as well.

With much love,

👣The Official Traveler

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