Traveling Has Made Me Learn A New Hobby!

I love traveling but I've never thought I would be learning a new hobby because of this--guess what? It's travel photography. I used to 'just' capture photos for memories but my recent travel to South Korea made me realize that there are rare but beautiful things all around us waiting to be captured and appreciated for a lifetime. So while... Continue Reading →

Where To Stay in Seoul: Cheap, Clean & Accessible

Looking for a cheap place to stay while in Seoul? Let me share with you where we stayed during our trip. Being a budget traveler, I prefer to stay in guesthouses than in expensive hotels. Although it is relatively cheaper than 5-star hotels as to cost, it does not look cheap as the name implies. In... Continue Reading →

5 Lessons From Our Autumn 🍁 Trip To South Korea

Teacher. Researcher. Soul-winner. Musician. Volunteer. Blogger. Traveler. No matter how busy we are, we should not forget to take time to see the beauty all around us--I call it 'de-stressing'. I applied for my visa and booked my ticket together with my camera, backpack and small luggage to chase the beautiful autumn colors in South Korea. I usually travel... Continue Reading →

Visit South Korea 👣 Seoul Itinerary (#3): Chasing the Cherry Blossom [Spring 2015]

Have you ever thought of your simple hopes and dreams when you were young(er) and you had no idea how to make them happen because you think/thought you have no means to realize them?? That was me at 13. I have dreamed of experiencing winter, fall, and SPRING in real life since I could only... Continue Reading →

Visit South Korea 👣 Seoul Itinerary (#2): History & Culture Day [Spring 2015]

To DISCOVER CULTURE--if this is one among your reasons for traveling then.. Y-O-U- ARE AWESOME.:-) Some people travel because they want to discover, learn and experience various cultures. If you are planning to travel to Korea, why not consider the theme, "History & Culture Day" in your itinerary? In this post, let me share my experience with this theme. I found them easily accessible, cheap (even free!!) and worth the experience. 6-in-one stop. Half-day. Can you believe it? 🙂

Visit South Korea 👣 Seoul Series (#1): Korean Visa Granted!

Have you ever wanted to visit South Korea but bounded by some limitations or should I say.. HESITATIONS? This is a blog series about traveling to South Korea in Spring. I have known many people who eagerly want to explore this country for many reasons but they couldn't due to limited knowledge on how to make... Continue Reading →

South Korea: Education System

Education is seen as driving force behind Korea's rags-to-riches story. Being an EFL Teacher in the past, I have seen how Korean students exhibit high regard on education (although, some are still lazy to do homework, though). But generally speaking, the amount of time spent they spent in schools and hagwons is legendary. After studying tediously,... Continue Reading →

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