BaguioPH: Spelunking at Aran Cave From the mountains, to the land, and to the body of water, Benguet has a lot to offer. Wanna try something different this summer? If you are perfectly physically fit, how about spelunking, rappelling, and diving? Aran Cave is a perfect spot for spelunking and is only 40 minutes away from Baguio. Located in... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Freedom and So is Mine

Freedom is a gift. Yet, we have enjoyed it too much that we tend to forget how valuable and precious it is. I am a Filipino and  REAL CHANGE begins with me. 👏 HISTORYMAKER My Dear Filipinos, I am not against who you will vote for on May 9 national election. I do not care if we... Continue Reading →

IGOROTA: Pride of Cordillera

"Woman's beauty dies with her body; but a culture's beauty dies with humanity" It's International Women's Month celebration thus this dedication: Special Credit: The Igorot via Facebook She is beautiful. She is fierce. She is strongwilled. She is brave. IGOROTA is her name. If the Igorot is strong, the Igorota takes pride being the toughest. In any... Continue Reading →

Hello Summer 2016: Mt. Ulap 👫 Eco-Trail Day Hike

Summer is here! Let's officially welcome this season with a day hike! 👷 Beat the heat ^_^ Launched in October 2015, Mt. Ulap is one of the newest hiking destination for beginners and professional mountaineers who want to go on a side trip from the Summer Capital of the Philippines--Baguio City. It can serve as an alternative... Continue Reading →

Little Things 😊 Done with Great Love

More often than not, people receive recognition from achieving big things in life but only a few are recognized for doing LITTLE things with GREAT love. In this blog, I want to commend one. He is Sir Mazakasu Nose..👷 ..a selfless Japanese man with a heart ♡. This man talks less about what he does but this is not the first time I witnessed him doing... Continue Reading →

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