What Volunteering Has Taught Me ❤️

Volunteer I love today's prompt: Volunteer!  via Daily Prompt: Volunteer. It significantly flashbacks golden memories of my volunteering experiences. I live in a lovable country where volunteering opportunities can be found almost everywhere. Why? First, it is prone to natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, etc. Second, it is a developing country where at least 26.3% (12Million... Continue Reading →

IGOROTA: Pride of Cordillera

"Woman's beauty dies with her body; but a culture's beauty dies with humanity" It's International Women's Month celebration thus this dedication: Special Credit: The Igorot via Facebook She is beautiful. She is fierce. She is strongwilled. She is brave. IGOROTA is her name. If the Igorot is strong, the Igorota takes pride being the toughest. In any... Continue Reading →

A Short Trek to Mt. Kalugong

Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village is a privately owned eco-park which is located in Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet. It is another tourist attraction being developed to preserve culture and promote tourism in Benguet. There is a small form of rock resembling a hat on top of the mountain. Kalugong is an Ilocano term for "hat" thus it was called, 'Mt. Kalugong''. Whether to... Continue Reading →

Piolo Pascual: The New ‘RICEponsible’ Ambassador

The Filipino multi-awarded actor, recording artist, endorser, and producer Piolo Pascual joins the nationwide call for responsible rice consumption as the new RICEponsible Ambassador. Pascual pledged to promote the advocacy of the Department of Agriculture's Be RICEponsible campaign such as the consumption of brown rice and rice mixed with corn or other staples, appreciation of... Continue Reading →

Mt.Pulag Adventure (Part 1): 8 Steps to Get There!

Mount Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines. It is the highest in Luzon. There are three trails available for people who want to climb the mountain from Benguet. First, the Akiki trail, which takes more than 2-3 days to finish and is suited for more experienced climbers. Second, the Tawangan trail, which is steep... Continue Reading →

South Korea: Education System

Education is seen as driving force behind Korea's rags-to-riches story. Being an EFL Teacher in the past, I have seen how Korean students exhibit high regard on education (although, some are still lazy to do homework, though). But generally speaking, the amount of time spent they spent in schools and hagwons is legendary. After studying tediously,... Continue Reading →

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