NZAS #5: From Benguet State University To The University of Auckland!

Kia Ora!
I have mixed emotions as my journey to NZ will truly begin soon. I feel sad to leave a handful of dear people in my country but at the same time I also feel excited to meet new people and study in the highest-ranked university in New Zealand. I still cannot believe that I made it here.Β  It’s truly a blessing that I have been chosen to be a recipient of a prestigious New Zealand Scholarship program. Without the scholarship, studying at the University of Auckland would be next to impossible. Hence, I am grateful for the opportunity.

I really wanted to pursue Commerce (Business Management) at Saint Louis University in 2004 but my parents could not afford it during those days. Knowing this fact, I was sad at first but my hopes remained up. Fortunately, I was offered an option to take bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness as a DILG scholar with the help of the Pathways program for high school students by SLU. However, this scholarship could only be valid if I choose to study at a state university. Without any second thought, I grabbed the opportunity and finished the degree at Benguet State University. Thankfully, I graduated in 2008 with a consistent good mark. It may not be as expensive as Saint Louis University, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University or UP Diliman yet I shall never feel inferior about it. In fact, part of my character and the foundation skills that I have were honed in this humble state university.

My aspiration to pursue my dream/s did not stop there. I applied at the University of Melbourne (Australia) and University of Auckland (New Zealand) without even knowing if I’d make it or not. Yes, I personally know my educational background, School QS rating, etc. but it was all by His grace, by faith and work that I was able to receive Letters of Offer from both universities. I did not have any scholarship yet when I received the two offer letters. There was no way I am going in any of those prestigious universities without any scholarship. I had to pick one and focus on one Scholarship application.

Choosing between the two was not easy knowing both are promising universities. So I asked for wisdom and kept my faith up. Ultimately, I picked University of Auckland and applied for a scholarship. The University of Auckland is the largest university in New Zealand. It is the highest-ranked university in the country, being ranked 81st worldwide in the 2016/17 QS World University Rankings. Surprisingly, the scholarship is for me! No doubt! I can surely tell in many circumstances that have occurred. Thanks to NZAid for the privilege and glory to God for making things beautiful in His time.

“Wherever I go or whatever I’ll pursue, I hope to be reminded to always fulfill the trust reposed in me by my parents, my nation, and my alma mater”

Now, I shall continue my journey as I take another degree overseas. Wherever I go or whatever I’ll pursue, I hope to always fulfill the trust reposed in me by my parents, my nation, and my alma mater. From a humble state university to a world-class university, this quest is seemingly a challenge full of excitement and uncertainties. Even so, I shall remain positive that I am going to love studying here as it provides plenty of opportunities to learn and to experience both the city and outdoor life in New Zealand.

To the one who’s inspired by this short testimony, don’t lose hope. Stay focused and work it out. If it’s for you.. it’s for you. If it’s a NO, don’t give up. Either you try again or try something else. πŸ™‚

Apart from You, I can do nothing.

πŸ‘£The Official Traveler


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