My IELTS Experience đźŹ†

I am quite surprised that some people think IELTS is exclusively taken by Registered Nurses (RNs) to work abroad (thus this post is written). Probably because most IELTS takers in the Philippines are nurses who want to work in the UK, Canada, or Australia so this stereotype was created. The truth is.. IELTS is for anyone who wants to live... Continue Reading →

IELTS Speaking: Useful Practice Test (Part 1)

One of the components of IELTS that makes test takers get nervous and uneasy, if unprepared, is the Speaking. The key to surviving the IELTS Speaking test is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE 🙂 I cannot emphasize this more (been there, done that). Let's have a look on the most common speaking questions that the invigilator can... Continue Reading →

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