👍 An Agriculture/Agribusiness advocate with bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management major in enterprise management, minor in agricultural economics;

👍 A professional teacher (licensed) with at least 5 years teaching experience; 2 years in academic research and development;

👍 A science research specialist with at least 4 years experience in rice R&D;

👍 A master’s degree holder with Human Resource Development/Human Resource Management as specialization;

👍 Has earned PhD in Management [PhD in Mgmt; GS] out of curiosity and willingness to learn and explore possibilities;

👍 With above average IELTS band score (academic);

👍 I am always a student, a work-in-progress. I shall never stop learning about life every single day. For me, no matter how much we progress, there is still so much more to learn.


Behind these:
-🙌 Philippians 4:13 🙌-
I can do it_47 .”,_


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