Little Things šŸ˜Š Done with Great Love

More often thanĀ not, people receiveĀ recognitionĀ fromĀ achieving big things in life but only a fewĀ are recognized for doing LITTLEĀ things with GREAT love. In this blog,Ā I want to commend one.Ā He is SirĀ Mazakasu Nose..šŸ‘· ..a selfless Japanese man with a heart ā™”. ThisĀ manĀ talks less about what he does but this is not the first time I witnessed him doing... Continue Reading →

SIMPLY ADORABLE: I love it, You’ll surely love it! ā™„

Kids are effortlessly adorable for their innocence and pure heart. It is so amazing how some of them explicitly show how they think evenĀ surpassing how grown ups do--not only in words... but in ACTION. Watch Zhang Junhao in his short interview after his random dance performance. He is a three-year old boy from Zibo in... Continue Reading →

Q&A: Would You Change Your Religious Beliefs To Marry Someone You Love?

Does this sound familiar to you? I was startled when I heard this question for the first time during the Ms. Universe 2011. You may not need to answer this for now.. but SOMEDAY, YOU MIGHTĀ CERTAINLY haveĀ to give one--in one way or another--especially when you plan to settle for good someday in your lifetime. Here... Continue Reading →

Love Reflection: A Poor Boy Loved a Girl

What are the qualities you look for in a lifetime partner? When I was younger, I preferred a good-looking face, humor, and outgoing personality. As I grow in the Lord and get older, things changed! Men who have Christ-like attitude, smart, responsible, and lovingly understanding became more attractive to me. I have developed this sense... Continue Reading →

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