IELTS Speaking: Band 9 [Full Test]

Lots and lots of people are getting interested in taking the IELTS exam. If you are one of those who would like to migrate, work or take advanced studies (academic), continue reading for some tips that will really help you. They’re just simple but effective tips. The speaking test will be applied to all the sections. Let’s start.
This is worth-sharing 🙂

1. Be Formal. During the examination, at least try to be formal. This means you have to act like you are in a job interview. Just like in job interview, you’ll be on your best behavior, and so try to behave that way.

2. Give FULL answers. Now, remember and think about it: you only have about 11 to 15 minutes to display your best English skills that you’ve been working on all your life. So, obviously you want to give your shot on your English exam time. For example, if the examiner asks about your background, your family, your work, or anything about you, make an effort to give a full answer. If the question goes like “Where are you from?” you can not simply say, “in Tokyo” or “in Korea” because that’s just a one-word answer. Try to expand your answer, “I come from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan” or “Seoul in South Korea is where I came from.”

3. Be polite. When you do not understand what the examiner had said or you were nt able to comprehend the question asked, don’t just say, “What?” or “Sorry?” Say, “Excuse me, could you please repeat that?” You’re supposed to give good impression by exhibiting your best English and using it appropriately, and that’s what they want to know: Can you use English while being formal and polite?

4. Maintain a good posture. Why not? Is anyone filming? Right. So, why do you have to maintain good posture? Actually, your posture affects the way you talk. The way you project and carry yourself during the examination leaves an impression of how confident you are in your language proficiency.

5. Speak clearly. Do not worry too much about your accent but make sure you speak clearly. Everyone has an accent, even the natives do.But if you cannot pronounce the words clearly how can you be understood. If the invigilator cannot understand what you are talking about, you might not get the best possible score you wanted. So if you need to improve more on your pronunciation, you should work on that by mimicking some English speakers (movies or real native speakers/English teachers) or singing some English songs. Daily practice exercises can help. Through practice, you’ll be able to improve it. Remember, NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

IELTS speaking is really nerve-wracking! I have finally succeeded the speaking test!! To God be the glory!  😀 Things went well. What have I done so far? 4 Ps: PLAN, PREPARE, PRACTICE, and PRAYER.
Do you have anything to add? I’d be glad to hear them.. 🙂

Practice with me! ^_^

👣The Official Traveler

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