Pass It On: ‘Siak Tatta, Nu Bigat Sika’

I am inspired to launch the Pay It 4Ward PH because of this story: This was in the late 1990s, I feel so old just saying that because it has been 20+ years already. For the younger generation who are not familiar with '90s, let me paint you a picture. There was no smart phones.... Continue Reading →

Dear 20-something: (How’s Your Life After College?) 🏆❤️

I have to share these words with whole sincerity because many of us are  not yet kicked by reality. A dear friend tagged me with a letter by A.Jadaone back when I freshly graduated and it hit me. Years after, I gave her a reply (see below). Dear Fresh Grad, I think I saw you... Continue Reading →

Tuessies: The Power To Change

'Tuessies' is a group of young professionals who share and study the Word every Tuesday after their regular work. I joined this group in 2013 for the purpose of spiritual edification and friendship. As a new employee of the institution, I was seeking for sense of belongingness and I am blessed knowing that God has already prepared everything... Continue Reading →

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