IGOROTA: Pride of Cordillera

“Woman’s beauty dies with her body;
but a culture’s beauty dies with humanity”

It’s International Women’s Month celebration thus this dedication:IMG_9698.JPG

Special Credit: The Igorot via Facebook

She is beautiful.
She is fierce.
She is strongwilled.
She is brave.

IGOROTA is her name.

If the Igorot is strong, the Igorota takes pride being the toughest. In any condition, she can brave. She can stand alone. She makes her own decisions. Headhunters roam, unafraid she walks on.

She is simple.
She is grand.
She is loyal.
She is kind.

Her strength is her charm. Her beauty is her grit. She is not delicate nor a damsel in distress. She carries herself with dignity. She is self-assured and undaunted.

She is intense.
She is balanced.
She is calm.
She is steadfast.

The Igorota is a woman of her words. She keeps it real while she keeps her poise. She doesn’t demand attention, she simply gets it. She is a wildflower. She blossoms and shines in any weather.

She is zealous.
She is genuine.
She is generous.
She is cognizant.

She is the pride of her man. A pillar of strength, quick to understand, slow to judge. She is an equal not a trophy. She is the soft spot in her man’s ruggedness.

The Igorota is a treasure.

She’s more precious than any jewel.
She has brilliance that inspires.
She is the life of the lofty heights.

In a nutshell, physical appearance can be deceiving and beauty does not last. But the damsels of the Igorot highlands harbor such splendor not only skin-deep but also deep within their souls.

Salute to all genuine Igorots 👷 and Igorotas 👰 out there! You are the pride of Cordillera.

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