It’s Your Freedom and So is Mine


Freedom is a gift. Yet, we have enjoyed it too much that we tend to forget how valuable and precious it is.
I am a Filipino and  REAL CHANGE begins with me.

My Dear Filipinos,

I am not against who you will vote for on May 9 national election. I do not care if we differ in presidential bet, in VP, or any other national/local candidates etc. That’s your freedom and so is mine 🙂 BUT I want you to know that I care for the Filipinos and the future of our country. I hope you do too.
As I mentioned, I do not really care if we differ in candidates to vote …but I hope you can assure me that you will not allow evil to take power over your mind. Stay away from any and every form of bribery or deception brought my social media, all forms of advertisement or black propaganda. They are everywhere. Do not fall for them. Do not believe in everything you see or read on the news or on social media. Some are fad, untrue, or no substance at all while most are exaggerated or misinterpreted. Do not let twisted stories on media and false testimonies control you. Instead, do your own research–a quality one.
There are so many stories behind what we see or hear. Often times, we easily draw conclusions from a less than a second edited video that we watch from social media or an exaggerated story on the news just to make it popular . Why is it so easy to react yet so difficult to believe what is true? because it is really hard to distinguish which one is true. There are many truths in democracy. The next time you post or comment on a post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, forums, etc., before you lambaste and hurt someone with your comments, and before you bombard someone you do not even know with your insensitive words.. why don’t you pause, think, research, reflect and pray for a moment ?

You may not be aware but you may be causing divisiveness among yourselves–your brothers, sisters, family, friends, co-workers, classmates, etc.–just because you differ in ‘who to vote’ or vary in opinions. Let us respect one’s preference and DECISION. This is our FREEDOM. Let’s use it properly while it lasts. What if you wake up one day and it’s gone? Can you imagine yourself without it? Our country truly needs a true and meaningful change. However, that change begins in YOU–in us.

Choose PhilippinesI hope I can trust you that you have scrutinized and pondered very well on who to pick from top positions to down the line As you exercise your freedom and right to suffrage, I beg you to choose someone whose leadership you know and you can willingly follow. If you already did, let me salute you for that. Good job! Truth is, gaano man kagaling at katalino ang ating lider kung hindi sumusunod ang mga followers both are looser.

I say it again real change is not a one-way ticket. The citizens play a vital role on this too. If you decide to be LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN or if you already are… then you have lesser problems in your conquest for REAL CHANGE. Real change begins in you. For no matter who the leader is.. the kind of change we want is not an effort of one but of many. Real change begins in YOU (and me).

Choose someone where your heart is at peace then picture yourself in the leadership of the winning president of the Philippines (whoever will that person be..parang marriage lang din ‘yan! Sino ang pipiliin mo mahal mo o mahal ka? 😀 ) Are you happy? If yes, congratulations! If no, you should act now, don’t you? 🙂

Choose someone whose leadership you know you will willingly follow.

If you are still confused, I’d understand. If by now, you are still undecided or president-less, I’d understand. It is not easy as no candidate is perfect (among them at least). As a citizen, are you perfect? I’m not–but I know what this country needs and I’m willing to be part of it 🙂 Make a checklist of what kind of leadership and political system this country needs.. and pray. PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR MIND and vote wisely on May 9!

If you are excited, I’m excited for you and for the Philippines, too. Yet, don’t stop praying and taking actions. Evil is still evil. While the election is getting closer, the devil is busy. You have the power to trample snakes and evil! IN JESUS’ NAME. Stay alert and vigilant.

Your candidate/s + YOU (law-abiding citizen)!!!! = BETTER PHILIPPINES


Freedom is a gift. I think we have enjoyed it too much that we forget how valuable and precious it is. Sadly, some even overuse it. If you are really craving for change and you see it in a form of dictatorship–so be it. BE PREPARED. Change is never easy.. but if we do our part in the equation with all our power, might, and soul.. it shall be.  Are you ready?

I am Filipino and I love Philippines.. REAL CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME.

…and also with you




Disclaimer: I am a Filipino. English is not my first language. If you see any grammar errors, please understand. I am still learning how to write better. All I need is a little practice. Behind the English vocabulary and grammar is a sincere heart for the Filipino community.

4 thoughts on “It’s Your Freedom and So is Mine

Add yours

  1. Agree ako dto. Tama ka dun sa sinabi mo na kahit gaano kagaling o katalino ang namumuno kung ikaw at ako ay pasaway or vice versa. ..gawin na lang natin ang part natin at manalig tayo sa Diyos na Sya ang mag control ng lahat.


    1. Salamat po Ms. Anna for recognizing it. ◕◡◕ No matter who the leader is.. the kind of change we want is not an effort of one but of many. Truth is… real change begins in YOU (and me).
      Sana mag-multiply po ang katulad ninyo for a better Philippines 🙂


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