Pathfinder: Where do I go from here?

Dear 20-something, How have you been? It should have been a roller coaster ride trying to figure out your path in life. You have somehow felt disappointed for not being able to meet many expectations. You look at yourself and think you are so left behind compared with others. You may feel frustrated because you... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Freedom and So is Mine

Freedom is a gift. Yet, we have enjoyed it too much that we tend to forget how valuable and precious it is. I am a Filipino and  REAL CHANGE begins with me. 👏 HISTORYMAKER My Dear Filipinos, I am not against who you will vote for on May 9 national election. I do not care if we... Continue Reading →

2016 Search for Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines

LEARNING, LEADING AND SERVING FOR LIFE Good news! The search is ON for the 2016 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. You may download the nomination kit here or here: QUALIFICATIONS A Filipino citizen, not more than 30 years old, of excellent moral character, and without any record of criminal or unfavorable disciplinary case in school.... Continue Reading →

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