Pathfinder: Where do I go from here?


Dear 20-something,

How have you been?
It should have been a roller coaster ride trying to figure out your path in life. You have somehow felt disappointed for not being able to meet many expectations. You look at yourself and think you are so left behind compared with others. You may feel frustrated because you seem to be the only person feeling alone, lost and confused in this journey. You are not!

Figuratively speaking, some cars are built for speed while some are for comfort. Similarly, people are all created differently for various reasons and purpose. Not everyone can be athletes who can perform all kinds of sport like a pro. There are those who can do well in marathon while not in boxing. If we are blessed enough to excel in our chosen field, then we can consider ourselves fortunate if that is our goal. However, it does not mean that we are nothing when are doomed. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses–we just have to ponder on the good qualities and develop them so that we can be able to compete and excel in our chosen field.

True enough, it is not easy to wake up each day facing different kinds of pressures in order to survive either in the corporate world or in this life. You pursue to be the best (sometimes not for yourself but for others’ sake). Whether you like it or not, you will have to compete with yourself and others in life. People compete in terms of goals–in sales commissions, positions, power, etc. Although some are really good at it, others struggle to make it work. What you can do is to learn to win your own battles within. It is no longer your parents, friends, and the society dictating what you have to do. You have to make your own decisions. You have to know where you stand. For others, you may appear to be either a wise or a foolish person. But take courage. You will begin to realize that at this stage you are destined to face both the worst and the best times of your life.

You will encounter nice people but at the same time you will have to be with those who will try to bring you down and those who do not want to share the spotlight with you. Remember, a lot of things in this life are temporary. Those who make you feel special today may never stay. There will be a lot struggles that will distract you from achieving your goals. Do not let your temporary emotion get in the way. Do not let other people’s expectations and circumstances completely rule your life. It is not the be-all and end-all of what you are capable of. Dream, discover, unleash, and make your mark. Soon enough, you will get to where you are supposed to be.

Leave the baggage behind and look forward for something greater. The best is yet to come!

The Official Traveler

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