A Short Trek to Mt. Kalugong

Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village is a privately owned eco-park which is located in Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet. It is another tourist attraction being developed to preserve culture and promote tourism in Benguet. There is a small form of rock resembling a hat on top of the mountain. Kalugong is an Ilocano term for “hat” thus it was called, ‘Mt. Kalugong”. Whether to discover culture and traditions of the highland along with rock climbing are some of your interests…OR you are an alumni of Benguet State University/MSAC who wants to recall memories.. this is your place 🙂

We headed to Mt. Kalugong (7:45-9:30 a.m.) which is just a few more walk away after our trek to Mt. Jumbo (4:30 a.m.-7:45 a.m.). We passed by the Tawang Cemetery and followed the trail.


After paying an entrance fee of P50.00, it’s the green light to enjoy the place!


Since my friends and I were a bit exhausted, we used the man-made swing to relax. They are scattered everywhere ^_^



Tired and hungry? You can sit, rest, and eat at the picnic area…


You can see some traditional huts to represent the different provinces of  CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region). Explore their uniqueness.DSC_0583_ed.jpg

Now, it’s time to walk on the rocks… (It is risky for children and some adults). Be careful..


I am not sure if there are rescuers who can immediately rescue when you accidentally fall. So, BE EXTRA CAREFUL! (staff in-charge are doing multi-tasking–developing the area)


hat 1
On top of the Mountain…

The top view unleashes the beauty of La Trinidad and the view of the strawberry farm but at the same time it reveals the growing population in the municipality. It has a strong message regarding what it would look like in the future. Go and see!


If you still have time and energy, do the zipline (c) before you leave. (We skipped this part though.)


There is a toilet available here for your convenience. It’s a little bit funny to read something like this… ^_^ “Men to the LEFT because women are always RIGHT” Haha 😀


Go and see it for yourself. 🙂


Happy Trails!

👣 The Official Traveler

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