Piolo Pascual: The New ‘RICEponsible’ Ambassador

Piolo-Pascual-PhilRiceThe Filipino multi-awarded actor, recording artist, endorser, and producer Piolo Pascual joins the nationwide call for responsible rice consumption as the new RICEponsible Ambassador.

Pascual pledged to promote the advocacy of the Department of Agriculture’s Be RICEponsible campaign such as the consumption of brown rice and rice mixed with corn or other staples, appreciation of our farmers’ hard work, and the non-wastage of rice that would all contribute to the country’s rice self-sufficiency stride.

Culturally, we love to eat rice. It’s disappointing to know the facts on how much rice is wasted every year. I think it’s about time for us to do something about it. The best way for me to help is by using my influence to send out awareness for people to really value rice in this country,” Piolo Pascual

Taking off from the National Year of Rice in 2013, the Be RICEponsible is an advocacy campaign that promotes responsible rice consumption by encouraging Filipinos not to waste rice, eat healthier forms of rice, and by valuing the hard work of our farmers.

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