Q&A: Would You Change Your Religious Beliefs To Marry Someone You Love?

Does this sound familiar to you? I was startled when I heard this question for the first time during the Ms. Universe 2011. You may not need to answer this for now.. but SOMEDAY, YOU MIGHT CERTAINLY have to give one–in one way or another–especially when you plan to settle for good someday in your lifetime. Here are few answers from different people. Out of fun, each person gave their answer. Respect the views 🙂

Answer 1:

“If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too.” ~Bb. Pilipinas, Shamcey Supsup

Answer 2:

“If someone who loves me wanted me to change my religious beliefs before I marry him, I would. Because I believe no matter on what part of the Earth we live or whatever color of skin we have, we only have one God, there may be different images that we worship but I am sure that the God he praises is the same God I am praising.Changing religious beliefs doesn’t mean giving up my faith in God its about compromising and being in communion with the person you love in worshiping God.” ~Blogger Docseree 

Answer 3:

“No,if the person really love me, he shd love and accept me for who i am…🙂 ~MCC

Answer 4:

“My beliefs define who I am… the person who truly loves me would respect my beliefs, my religion and I would do the same too. At the end of the day, we can always compromise.” ~DB

Answer 5:

“I agree hahaha napag-uusapan naman ang lahat ng bagay, kung maaari namang ipag-ugnay ang mga usaping naghihiwalay sa atin, at maaari namang ipagkabit ang mga usapin sa kabila ng aming pinagkaiba, bakit hindi… kung matatanggap niya ang aking pananampalataya, at ako ri’y matatanggap ang kanyang paniniwala, hindi kailangang ipaghiwalay ay pagmamahal at pananampalataya…kung ito rin ang magbubunga ng masayang pagsasama. i rest my case… i need an interpreter haha” ~PJN

Answer 6:

“I believe love transcends beyond religion, beyond race (beyond gender – pwde rin). If it cannot, then it is not love. Salamat at magandang gabi.”
chos hahahahaha.” ~RDO

Answer 7:

“I don’t have to change my religious belief. We just have to respect each others creed. Though it might cause conflict at times, we will try to work it out and make our relationship stronger through that challenge. Thus, I’ll marry the person I love in spite of religion. It’s not a matter of religion but of respect. ^^” ~IG

Answer 8:

“Love should not be based on anything, you are not meant to love a person just to judge each others beliefs, values and principles, instead you are suppose to accept each other..Just like my family..having a Muslim father and a Catholic mom, religion was never an issue, and as their child I was always given a choice and faith and your belief will always be your choice “winner!” ~ANM

Answer 9:

Did he require it of me? or am i just contemplating on making a decision that I think would bring me closer to my beloved? hehehe”~JLA

Personal Answer:
You should never change who you are and what you believe to satisfy anyone [If they can’t accept you for who you are, then you’re better off without them.] but in this world full of speculations, only God’s word is certain.[YES, I am a Christian—proud to be one] 😀
[My not-for-Miss-Universe] I would first make it a priority to marry someone who shared my faith. Your faith will be the foundation of the marriage…so it’s best that you both have the same faith and not compromise due to earthly love. If your priority is to serve God and love Him, you’ll look for someone that shares that same priority.
God does not want Christians to be unequally yoked with people who have different beliefs than what He has taught us.
2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
Conclusion: Beliefs would matter to people who love God above anything else and I’m pretty sure that God would honor our choices that would bring us closer to Him. 🙂
~HistoryMaker 2011/ The Official Traveler

How about you? What do you have in mind? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Would You Change Your Religious Beliefs To Marry Someone You Love?

Add yours

  1. I would not change my religious beliefs to marry the person with all my heart and soul. Religious beliefs don’t always spell doom for relationships as long as you loved each other, tolerate differences and avoid fundamentalism. I do believe that “Good relationship involves respect, understanding in terms of cultures, beliefs, practices, traditions. “


  2. I don’t think I need to change my religious beliefs because if his love is true love towards me it wouldn’t be situation come that I have to choose between marry n religious. Only that matters is we should respect each other religions and believe that “god is one”.


  3. If I truly loved the person I would do anything that would bring me closer to that person, so if altering the way I practice my faith would make them happy, I’m in.


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