Let the Chronicles begin!

So you came across this blog because you’re a newbie when it comes to traveling? (or probably you’re just curious). I know how that feels. I was once a first-time traveler myself. It was a childhood dream to dream the impossible dream. My first travel overseas was in Malaysia. I was 20 by then. Before I had my birthday, I put a list of My Birthday Hopes and Prayers. One of these is to touch the globe in many ways and live a legacy of a historymaker. God did it! It was impossible at first but I did (Phil. 4:13) So, YOU CAN!

Fly Malaysia
First-time international traveler ^_^

I got my first passport in 2010. I got mine from DFA Baguio. After visiting and experiencing Malaysia’s way of life and meeting people, I began to look back and reflect. I began to think of the young people in my community back home. How I wish they would be able explore the world, too. There were a lot of things on my mind. I pushed myself to continue the journey and inspire people very soon. Thus, this blog exists.

Traveling is not only for leisure. It expands your view of life, it allows you to be more thankful for the things you have–even if those seem have lesser value to you at the moment. It will teach you to recognize how blessed you are. It will make you realize that God’s creation is beyond description. More importantly, it will let you testify on how truly beautiful is a God-written journey.

Lesson: Something great happens outside your comfort zone. Instead of staying there, you’ve got to take courage and learn to grow more.

Sharing with you a letter:

Dear aspiring traveler-explorer,

I urge you to travel. Go get your passport. Take a break. Break free from work. Get a backpack and go outside your country. Go to Malaysia, Hongkong, China, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Eat interesting food, experience and understand culture, meet and talk with numerous people, have an adventure. BUT BE CAREFUL. Even though you meet good people, still not all people are nice. Be careful, I say. especially if you are traveling solo–regardless whether you are a male or female. After spending some time on your vacation, come back home. Come back home and you will see your country differently. You’re going to view your leaders, your president differently no matter who they are. It will tell you how important your role is in your own society (if only you travel beyond your eyes wide-open). You will have new perspective of music, culture, food, people, facts, and life. You will learn to appreciate the world you live in or..you will start to hate. But I still hope you see the brighter perspective. I hope you will find reasons to love your country –love even more.

Travel will widen your vision and expand your horizon. You’re going to understand what globalization looks like. It is not just the simple definition of your History class professor but a whole new picture of it. I regret to let you see that global climate change is very real and the Bible is so true about it. 

There are uncountable lessons you can derive just by traveling. The discoveries are waiting for the explorers like you!! and oh, PLEASE COME BACK, GIVE BACK, and share your experience after your journey.

Let the flame burning, let your journey continue.. LET THE CHRONICLES BEGIN! 


👣 The Official Traveler/HistoryMaker [2010]

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