Mt.Pulag Adventure (Part 2): What To Bring?

The Packing List

So I guess you’re excited to hike! ^_^ However, before that excitement floods you, you need to make sure you have the basic things you need to pack for your trekking escapade. Unless you are camping in Mt. Pulag for a week, you DON’T need to bring your entire room or bookshelf in your backpack. You won’t need that much. Bringing less also means paying less for porter fees.
So, let’s get the ball rolling!
    If you live in a region having warmer/tropical weather or if you are not used to very cold weather, you might want to put extra attention on this. Philippines has no winter season however, you can’t enjoy hiking while your body shivers and freezes due to the temperature in Mt. Pulag. The temperature can drop for as low as 0-7 degrees Celsius or 32-45 Fahrenheit. Wear warm thermal clothes especially when going to the Summit preferably thick but light and waterproof. Please bring thicker clothes if you are traveling from December to February. Example: Fleece jacket, scarf, bonet, trekking pants,jogging pants, gloves, socks, and head gear, etc.
    In case the weather emergency, bring a lighter umbrella. The weather is unpredictable. Before we climbed, the weather was so friendly. In the middle of the trek, however, the clouds suddenly became so heavy then it began to drizzle… But it stopped in a while! yay! 🙂
    If you are traveling on your own, you may opt to bring that warm Super Hero blanket from your closet. Why not? You will surely need it! Bring your tent with you if you plan to spend the night in one of the camp sites for the sunrise viewing. However, some people take a tour package which includes tents and food.
  • FLASHLIGHT/HEADLAMPS (with functional batteries).
    If you intend to see the sunrise, please bring headlights/flashlight with you. You don’t wanna walk at a slow pace because it’s dark everywhere. Don’t miss the beautiful and breathtaking sunrise for this reason.
    Yes, I’m VERY sure you will need these (especially toilet paper and wet wipes).
    Carry at least 3 liters if you’re sensitive to unfamiliar water; or just a 1-2 liter container, easily refillable with cool, fresh, clean and potable mountain water. There are no stores in the mountain but there is a spring along the way where you can refill your water bottle.
    Warning: Drink only when necessary. You don’t wanna pee often in that place -_-
    If you plan to cook on your way, bring a portable cookware and a handy stove. If you do not want to carry such things, you can bring your pre-packed heavy meal.
  • FOOD
    You must bring food (such chocolate bars, crackers, etc.) just in case you need to boost your energy level while climbing.
    Note: Bring your own garbage bag. Do not throw your garbage anywhere. It’s very simple, keep your trashes with you.
  • CAMERA/CELLPHONE with power banksss! ^_^ and tripod/selfie pod (if you want to bring)
    For some reasons, signal for Globe, Smart and SunCell may fluctuate or may not be available so you have to inform significant people in your contacts that you are out of town.
    You can’t enjoy the journey without this! Whether you are going with friends or a lover, try to forget the sweat and just create Happy Trails:)
May 2014
Important Reminders

Want a hassle-free adventure? Do not bring your whole house and lot. TRAVEL LIGHT!
Bring only the things that are NECESSARY for this adventure (especially if you are traveling alone; unless you want to pay extra amount on porters for your big luggage).

Ensure you are physically fit for trekking. Individuals with special medication and attention are advised to consult the doctor if they are fit to trek.

Trash and litter have no place in the wilderness. Campfires will not be allowed. Picking, gathering, hunting, or bringing down of whatever flora and fauna is strictly prohibited.

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