Open Letter: Encourage A Woman 👰

We all come from a mother’s womb. Our stories are unique but our existence is not magic. Everyday, (men and) women everywhere are fighting a battle within we know nothing about. Respect. Encourage a woman today! 🙂

35924_1409531372116_1424559_n.jpgTo all moms out there, blessed are you for having received the gift of childbearing and that you may use this opportunity of childrearing to raise God-loving children.

To all expecting moms, blessed are you for nearly fulfilling the essence of a woman and that excitement and joy reign over any anxieties because the Lord our God blesses with provision, wisdom, and direction.

To all moms who lost theirs, blessed are you still for your beloved has now come in peace and joy with our Creator and may the pain of losing make you stronger and well prepared as you face a more purposeful life ahead!

To all women eagerly wishing, praying, and waiting for the gift of childbearing to come, blessed are you still for God sees your faithfulness, hears your cry, and in time grants you your heart’s desire.

And for us all, may we honor our fathers and mothers for this is the first commandment with a promise of a long life (Ephesians 6:1-3).

Being a woman is a gift from God. Becoming a virtuous woman is a faithful decision.
👣 The Official Traveler

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