Build A Life, Not Just A Resume–Indeed!

You have been scrolling classified ads or job postings online for over several weeks now to look for job opportunities yet it seems that you are stuck. You updated your resume and your LinkedIn profile. You started spending lesser time on your Facebook  newsfeeds and Instagram photos while paying more attention on building network through LinkedIn and/or face-to-face. You began to float your CV and cover letter. Little did you know, you have already checked your email many times within a day. Days have passed and you began to wonder whether a prospective employer give you a call or never. Sounds familiar? Be patient. Been there, done that. Got rejected? Be calm and stay positive. Been there, done that. Look forward for life’s next adventure. Hired? Congratulations, you nailed it!

Here is the thing, there is time for sleepless nights and a time to take a rest. There is time for studying and a time for traveling. There is time to bond with friends and a time to spend time alone. There is time to work part-time and a time to work full-time. As (you and) I embark myself into part-time job hunting (while studying), Jay Shetty has reminded me things that are worth-sharing:

  • Our value is not created by the price of our clothes or our bank balance or the job titles that we have.
  • Failures remain failure when we do not learn from them because when we learn from them, they become lessons.
  • We cannot connect the dots moving forward. We only can when we are looking backwards.
  • Hence, we should not forget to build a life, not just a CV.

Video Credit: HuffPost

Happy job hunting, happier life hunting! 🙂


👣The Official Traveler

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