#BuyLocal: Support Local Farmers

(c) Rey Pasion via FB

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local produce and that’s kind of the same thing. How so?  Locally grown food tastes better. The state of freshness is ensured as the time in transit is less and/or less time to sit around. Thus, it is more nutritious. The healthier you get, the happier you’ll be.

You help your local economy grow. Locally grown food helps build communities because when you buy directly from the farmer, you are building a relationship while also helping to support local farmers who are providing for you as much as they are providing for their own families.

If you choose to spend your money at the grocery store next week then you would never even notice you were gone. If you took a small fraction of that money and spent it on local products being sold by local farmers, you would help pay the rent or you could even SAVE HIS FARM, save his family.

So why not put a smile ◕◡◕ on our local farmers. Let’s patronize our local products.

While Mang Juan is watching his field on a dry spell, I could see his eyes hoping for a good planting season and a bountiful harvest. And when he could have it, he earnestly hope his produce will be sold out at a very good price. By then, he can pay his land rent, provide for his family’s primary needs, and can have something to invest and roll out for the next cropping period.

I cannot do much for the local farmers in my community who are patiently waiting for the rain to come so they can start planting rice, vegetables and other important crops. But if this simple writing serves as a reminder to all of us to keep their hopes up then why not? Let’s make it happen. 😊 #BuyLocal #SupportTheFarmers #SupportAgriculture

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