Reflection: Life at the Business School

The board meeting is over. So, what now? Ten weeks have passed and I still could not contain how fast that was! I took three subjects for my first quarter and it was not easy. In fact, I have had the best time and the worst time. But I cannot discount the fact that I have learned so much. I am glad I remain bold, strong, and will survive! My Classes for Q1 include the following:

1. Managing People and Organisations (

This subject taught me several theories and practice management using a multidisciplinary business simulation program called Mike’s Bikes. I became the CEO of a prestigious bicycle company called, “Trailblazers”. Our bicycle products were Racer, Adventure, Leisure, Commuter, and Kids. I was the only female CEO who made it to Europe. It was challenging to lead a multi-cultural company at the beginning because of communication (language barrier) and natural culture each manager possesses but my swift adaptability to changes and flexibility lead me to deal with it. With the willingness of my team, I have created an organisational culture that worked for our company. A culture of engagement, fun, and connectivity. My team-based leadership approach made it easier for the managers to freely and openly suggest in order to aid me on well-thought business decisions. I managed to lead Trailblazers to be the top performing company in Europe market consistently for five years.

2. Economics for Managers
This class taught me business economics which basically deals more on economic theory and quantitative methods to analyze business enterprises and the factors contributing to the diversity of organizational structures and the relationships of firms with labour, capital and product markets. But it is more than that! This course made me write academic writings, drew and analyzed graphs, and recommended policies to promote economic growth. Honestly, this one gave me sleepless nights 😀 Oh, I just had my excruciating final exam last night! I’m just glad I am still alive.

3. Professional Development Plan
I enjoyed my tutorial class in this course. The teaching staff is full of energy, well-organised, and managed time very well. Some of the things I’ve learned are: How to use STAR technique in answering behavioral questions; Self-Analysis and Personal Development Planning; Mt. Everest Challenge where you work with teams and learn the value of sharing information to survive; Trust and Feedback (REAL and RITE); Career Development Planning; Boost my confidence through a Video Presentation and; Read McKinsey and Harvard Business Review articles. More importantly, I have known the Top 10 skills I need to develop in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Top 10 Skills 2020.png


  1. I should use British English more often.
  2. Everybody is genius in class. ‘How do you make yourself standout?’
  3. What’s my personal brand?
  4. Networking is a skill I must develop
  5. Every decision in life has a cost. Even the decision of not making any decision triggers opportunity cost. So, I just stay calm and study.
  6. In business, we make decisions and every decision has consequences.
  7. Exam success doesn’t define you as a person.
  8. The struggles I have today can be the strength I need tomorrow.

Overall, student life at Business School can be challenging at times but if I have the courage to begin, then I must have the strength to succeed.

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