Small Victories: Short-term Pain for Long-term Gain

This post is inspired by the Daily Post: Ascend

MikesBikes is a business simulation program that links business concepts and theories into real-life business management. Students are engaged into running their own companies and compete with other teams or individuals within university or universities world-wide.

Over the summer vacation, I was invited to participate in the 2017 MikesBikes World Championship. With the aim of learning from each other and working together (for real) as a team, six (6) postgraduate students from the University of Auckland decided to collaborate for this competition. We named our team Exodus because of a particular MikesBikes simulation experience at the university (Europe market) prior to joining this one. Inspired by this, Team Exodus is back to race in the World Competition. Fortunately, we survived the qualifying round and made it to finals. Nobody said it was easy but we survived (and thrive). Out of 66 companies, only 10 were chosen to be in the final round.

At the beginning, we got the lowest Shareholder Value (Top 10) however having the right strategy at the right time, we managed to ascend to Top 1 in the succeeding year. In the same manner, understanding the dynamics of the current market is very crucial in the determining the success of a company. In the middle of the competition, GOFAST and Exodus were competing neck to neck. During this time, I was reminded that in life, people are running their own race at their own time. Some might seem to go ahead while some might seem to get behind. We should not envy nor mock them. For everyone is in their own time zone.


MikesBikes World Championship

On December 20, the final rollover has been processed. Despite the very stiff competition, Team Exodus was able to bag the 2017 MikesBikes World Championship. What makes me more even proud is that the Top 3 companies were from The University of Auckland 🙂



It’s not just about winning. It’s more about learning and re-learning about the business concepts and principles and applying it to real-life.

Having the right motivation to compete and thrive in the competition will take you somewhere.

Choose your people properly. Having the best and appropriate people to do tactical thinking and strategic thinking played an important part as they are critical to success of the company especially in the evaluation and decision-making process.

Preparation is very important. Being friends with the single-player and offline modes are extremely beneficial.

Knowledge and understanding the dynamics of the market you are currently in will help you make the difference. Learning and understanding the dynamics and adapting quickly will make the planning for the long-term strategy more easily.

There is no sure formula to win the MikesBikes competition but the resources from have been extremely useful.

Sharing is Caring.


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