Is Rice R & D Worth Investing In?


Proceedings: Is Rice R&D Worth Investing In?

Rice is an important crop in the Philippines (PH). In the Rice-Based Farm Household Survey (RBFHS) of PhilRice, 68% of farmer-respondents reported that rice income accounts for more than 50% of their total earnings in July-December 2011. FNRI (2008) survey results show that rice and rice products constitute 37% of the total food intake of Filipinos per day in 2008.

The significant role of rice in the lives of Filipinos has earned more attention from government and other rice stakeholders. Efforts to address challenges confronting the rice industry include variety improvement, better management techniques, and favorable policy environment. These are some of the products and interventions that can be derived from rice Research and Development (R&D).

Several studies have shown the significant role of rice R&D (Hossain and Pingali, 1998; Francisco and Bordey, 2003; Sebastian and Bordey, 2006). Despite these benefits, however, trends show underinvestment in R&D (Francisco and Bordey, 2013; Sebastian and Bordey, 2006; Aragon et al, 2011).

Results of similar studies, therefore, need to be reiterated to our policymakers to promote deeper understanding and appreciation of rice R&D, hence, this seminar. This event will create an avenue where stakeholders can discuss and shed light on the role of rice R&D in the PH’s goal of attaining rice security.

Source: ACLitonjua, JYSiddayao, AGGregorio



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