Japan Autumn Diaries (#3): Mt. Fuji’s Perfect Serenity

If there’s one place in Japan that is peaceful, relaxing and worth-visiting in every season… it would be Mt. Fuji! Summer is here in the tropics.. while Spring is fast approaching in some countries like Japan and Korea. I can’t help but recall some beautiful memories of my Japan trip. I’ve been there in Autumn and I hope to go back one Spring time..

Why Mt. Fuji?

It’s World Heritage Site. It’s Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain (3,776 meters).

It is amazingly beautiful and attractive from all sides either afar or close up view. Climbing may be a bit challenging but it’s worth the climb once you reach the top. Just by simply watching the view gives you a lot of realization –Creation. Masterpiece. Beauty. Seasons. Life

 It is peaceful. The serenity it brings give you renewed energy. Relax. Stress-free.

You can build network. A friend and I went up here and there’s not too many crowd (November 2015). We met people from across the globe who are very friendly to greet us as we climb. It felt so good to meet people who have the same interests as yours even if you do not know them personally but when they started to smile and you begin to talk it feels like you’ve known each other for such a long time. 

☑ It’s picture-perfect. If you love nature and your hobby is photography, you don’t have to think twice. Pack and go.

Because you love it.

Here is a useful information about climbing Mt. Fuji.

View from Fujinomiya
What is essential is invisible to the eye. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly –The Little Prince


So the next time I’d consider of detaching myself from busy life in the metropolis, Mt. Fuji is definitely on my mind.

Happy Memories at Mt. Fuji… I HOPE TO VISIT YOU AGAIN in the FUTURE! ^_^

👣 The Official Traveler

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