In The Race of Perfection… There is No Finish Line

I’m excited to share about what I learned today in our Agriprenuer training through this very brief post inspired by Daily Prompt: Unseen.

Canada 2016_6.jpg
This photo is taken in Blueberry Hill, Canada

We all have made decisions even at least once in our lives from simple to complex necessities of life. Things like–what to eat, what clothes to wear, which place to go,  which career path to take, etc.–just to name a few. At times, there are infinite variety of options glaring at us but there are also instances when there are no choices to be made at all. More often, the future of our choices is yet unseen.

For big life decisions, each of them demands our undivided attention since these may all have real options set out in front of the landscape of our lives or more often, little pestering thoughts erupt out of some turbulent portion of our brains. Consequently, enumerable decisions must be simplified and reduced to clear cut choices. In the end, you still have to decide. Once you make a choice, keep moving and never stop learning, never stop growing. For in the race of excellence… there is no finish line.

Personal application:
Recently, I’ve made a peaceful career change decision by saying ‘Yes’ to a new job offer after series of contemplation. The coming days, months, or years with my new job are yet unseen but I have calculated the risk. I made sure that my passion is aligned to it and that I can grow through it.

Overall, we can never rest, never let ourselves get comfortable. The world is constantly changing, and those that don’t adapt don’t stay on top for long. That really raises the bar on me, and it drives me to think differently about how we should bring innovation to life in agriculture industry or even to ourselves.

He sees the Masterplan; He holds the future in His hands.

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