Maturity: Reality Untold

A lot of things have happened in the Philippines recently. The earthquake in Zambales, the battle in Marawi City, the tragedy in Resort World Manila, the rainy season affecting many provinces in some part of the country, the non-stop war on drugs, the opening of classes which requires more classrooms, and a little more. As a result, many men, women and children are displaced and heavily suffering at different levels.

On a positive note, however, the country has a tough president who selflessly loves his country, stands his ground, and has the balls to fight not only in words but also in action. He is not perfect just like anybody else but he is the kind of leader this country currently needs. Leadership is the capacity to translate a Vision into Reality.. but a leader’s success is also determined by its people and those around him.

Honestly, I do not agree with EVERYTHING that PRRD ( President) utters online/offline–in fact, I voted for someone else–but this doesn’t mean I should hate him entirely and not submit to his authority. At this point of time, our  President and the soldiers need our support, not our judgments. They need our prayers, not our condemn words. They need our trust, not crab mentality. And our simple appreciation as well as submission to the authority will give them enough courage and strength to do their job in order to serve & protect us from danger. Let us give it to them–submission to authority and prayers for our leaders, soldiers, volunteers and their families.  This is the heart of a true Filipino. Remember, maturity is when we start understanding small things, pick up the pieces and getting things done.

#WakeUpCall #PinoyNaTunay #AngBayanKongPilipinas #MartiaLove

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